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From time to time, Syd will offer a few words of wisdom, a few lines of poetry that come to him through his experiences, the people he meets or events in the world around him.

Here are a few of his poems and quotes from over the years, we hope you like them.

Please check back as Syd will update them as and when inspiration strikes.

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Always face life's new challenges with "Vim & Vigour"

you may not be in tune right away,

then you simply pause & "Go Figure"

There may be times when its an "Instant Call"

when that occasion arises simply consult with the higher forces,


~ Syd Saeed.™

Each new year can bring about positive change...

but often we need to break restrictive habits-

and leave our "comfort range"...

~ Syd Saeed.™

Re-formation of character is but a re-birth of mind...

Life is good for "I" have changed,

complex mysteries all but explained,

I battle not now for fruitless cause,

for now I’ve walked through the right doors...!

Live life, learn from life, love life! Be happy,

feel good & share it feel the love reciprocated.!

~ Syd Saeed.™

Sometimes we're up,

But too often we get down,

As our beautiful smile disintegrates to a frown.

We look to the Heavens & all we see is grey skies,

As we search for the answers with deep heartfelt sighs.

Then as if from know-where we hear a voice full of Love,

Being spoken by higher forces-the Angels from above.

As if by magic the grey skies turn blue,

Through beautiful sunlight-the voice says,

Fear not for "I am always with you"

~ Syd Saeed.™

Re-formation of character is but a re-birth of mind...

Life is good for "I" have changed,

complex mysteries all but explained,

I battle not now for fruitless cause,

for now I’ve walked through the right doors...!

Live life, learn from life, love life! Be happy,

feel good & share it feel the love reciprocated.!

~ Syd Saeed.™

Jealous Introspection: ©

View another's jealousy as a victory without battle

View another's jealousy as its you who wears the medal

View another jealousy as the weak are to the strong

View another's jealousy as the right do view the wrong

View another's jealousy as an obstacle removed

View another's jealousy as a point that has been proved

View another's jealousy as the making of your mark

View another's jealousy as it’s your light that shines in the dark

View another's jealousy with love & not disdain

View another's jealousy as their loss but also you gain

View another's jealousy as an altered state of mind

View another's jealousy as the blind led by the blind

View another's jealousy as a psyche that is messed

View another's jealousy as a sign that you are blessed

View another's jealousy as the fuel that gives you drive

View another's jealousy as a sign that it is "you" that's alive...

Syd Saeed.™


Give voice to your choice and upon completion...Rejoice.! ~ Syd Saeed™

We work so hard for what we want yet celebrate in style some of us think

we "can't" stand up tall stand up proud, shout yes "I did it" & make sure

it's "Loud". Life is about victories, never be ashamed to enjoy "your moment

whilst remembering that "long hard road that got you there.

Only "YOU" can paint a self-portrait in this life...

so choose your colours & strokes wisely.

Syd Saeed™

Plethora: ©

Always forever sometimes or never but a plethora of route if one should choose to endeavour

Foolish loyalty verses valid trust

Are needs but a greed... mere feeds to our lust?

Incipient ramblings of the feverish kind?

Or the wisened thought of a genius mind?

Honesty integrity or the depth of depravity?

Serenity sincerity or the paradox of profanities?

Welcoming strangers in the dead of the night

Or unwanted guests for your life you do take fright

Passionate plains or pastures or pain

The loss of the masses? Or a fortunate few but to gain

Question upon question until the day of my rest

Answers fragmented despite heartfelt request

Always forever sometimes or never

Life... Is but a plethora of solitary choice...if one should choose to endeavour...!

Syd Saeed™


By the time we get to certain age we've all had a few choice things done across us,

yet I can honestly say when I hear of someone getting their come-uppance,

Karma it gives me no satisfaction-in fact I end up feeling sorry for them no matter

how bad I felt in the past!.  Some will say soft touch I like to say true Spiritual beliefs

and it stops the venom from spreading & I can live a happy peaceful life.

Ultimately we make our "Own" bed..

so it's up to us whether it be feathered or lead...

Life may not be a bed of "Roses"... but who says it has to be bed of nails...?

As the old saying goes-Life is what you make it.

Never a truer word spoken I say.!

.~ Syd Saeed

When I was a young man full of hopes and dreams,

I was written off by many "DREAMER" or so it seemed!.

Fast forward now some 20 years, despite hard knocks and many tears,

most of my dreams have now transpired whilst their foolish delusions of grandeur all but expired!

Some destiny is pre-ordained and nobody and nothing can stop it,

the rest you have to make happen-simple as.

Doesn't matter what what anybody thinks if you dream it, believe it & you will surely achieve it


Praise, should be graciously accepted rather than ungraciously expected! ~ Syd Saeed™

We all know those who love to take a false bow, whether deserved or not they think it their

right somehow, treat blessings as blessings should be, a conformation of your hard work

and effort, not fake popularity...!


I am often asked, "Syd how can i change-how can I change my life? How can I become happy?  Nothing seems

to go right for me." My answer is always the same Meditation and quiet contemplation are the key!  

Even if you cannot do it on a deep enough level to connect with your guides,  you will certainly start

connecting with your inner Self and get a great deal of clarity once you do!

"But I dont have the time" is said to me time and time again.  Whilst I am the first to acknowledge

that we all have commitments and priorities,  whilst leading busy lives. Ultimately it boils down to

one thing - How badly do you want change or to find peace and happiness?   (I can honestly

say hand on heart my outlook on life changed dramatically when I started regular meditation

some 11 years ago now).

Therefore I always point out the following to the "no time brigade"

Did you sleep last night?

Did you eat today/yesterday?

How long did you spend in doing so and why?

(because its important and essential to our well being is normally the answer  - Well so is Meditation.!

Thus the person answers ther own question without asking!  We all need rest and we all need nutrition,

but most of us would benefit greatly from meditation and quiet contemplation too , for it can take as little as five

minutes a day and therefore WE ALL HAVE THE TIME!   We all have the time to reap the rich rewards & benefits too!

Syd Saeed.™

Never stop giving thanks for your blessings & share your blessings with others too,

for the higher forces are always at work watching over I & you.

I fell & hear them from above, sharing wisdom & unconditional love,

how could I possibly not be happy every day when I feel so blessed in every way!

~ Syd Saeed™

Sometimes we scream, often we shout, as our path seems full of obstacles, causing self-doubt.

Then along comes an Angel bringing music to our ears, eradicating all doubt,

whilst dispersing our fears.

Please remember that even in our darkest hour our Guides & Angels are with us, watching over us,

protecting us & trying to show us that there is light at the end of the tunnel, for we are ALWAYS

being guided, all we have to do is "Listen"!

~ Syd Saeed.™


Happiness is an Invention to which no one owns the patent ~ Syd Saeed™

A free invention which should be shared freely and lovingly

yet so many people try to buy it not realizing it is but a manifestation

of the mind "Freely" available & within us all Syd Saeed™

One Man’s Wisdom is another Man’s Commonsense

Far too often in this world there are certain people in positions of authority or

those that consider themselves senior to us that are quick to point the finger

often accusing us of being "slow on the uptake" "lazy" "unmotivated & intellectually inferior to them"

Perhaps these folk need a gentle reminder of a few facts...

A: Everyone has to start somewhere and they should cast thier memory back to

their own time of learning-was it all plain sailing? Did they not get things wrong

and make mistakes?

B: We are human and therefore allowed to and WILL make errors & mistakes

along the Way, for that is how we learn!

C: It's a FACT of life that no matter how hard we try at certain things they will

never be of second nature to us-PERIOD!

D: However with self belief, hard work and often a great deal of determination we will

surely improve and grow in any area of our lives that we truly believe in!

And finally... please remember, ONE MANS WISDOM IS ANOTHER MANS COMMON SENSE!!! (and vice versa).  

Always has been always will be!.

Syd Saeed™

You can never change what’s already gone,

so make the year 2012 a very happy prosperous one.

2011 gone in the blink of an eye,

make 2012 the year you reach for the sky.

At times you'll rise, whilst others you'll fall,

It matters not as long as you give it your "ALL"...!

~ Syd Saeed.

Knowledge and Wisdom

Share your Knowledge with the masses...

your Wisdom with a few...

but give your Love to "All" ~ Syd Saeed™

The Ladder

Never look down at someone on a different rung of the ladder to yourself for they may

just be the one to catch you when you fall!

Just because someone is a on a different rung of the ladder to yourself it doesnt give you

the right to knock & mock them for we are all at different stages of advancement at any

given time in life.

For not everyone is strong and the wrong word can crush & destroy-often irrepairably!

Learn to advise and encourage instead,give out love and blessings unconditionally and

watch how in time you will be so richly rewarded by the Universe.

To all who know how to love & be loved..  Syd Saeed.™

Before all you touch can turn into "Gold"

show diligence in life's challenges & of your convictions be "Bold"...!

Sometimes in life all you can do is your best,

even when your being put through the toughest of tests,

hang on in there..hold on tight, Patience, Perseverance,

for one day it will all come "Right".

~ Syd Saeed.™


Mistakes...are a blessing in disguise!  

Repeated mistakes...a sign its time to get Wise.

Syd Saeed™

The Road to Success

You'll never amount to nothing lad" was said of me by my teachers

"Loser" by more than one of my ex-partners!.

Why?-simply because i wouldn't dance to their unrythmical tunes!

Yet I can honestly say in this life I have managed to turn ALL of my

hopes and dreams into REALITY thus far.

Never let another's often poorly formed opinion of you manifest long

enough within your Psyche to have a profound affect on your life.

Once you learn to Listen to your inner voice and believe in yourself

you are already successful! DREAM-BELIEVE-ACHIEVE as I always say

Syd Saeed™


Wisdom...A skill learned daily yet never "truly" Mastered.

~ Syd Saeed. ™

More to follow shortly