Miscellaneous Payment page

Please only use this payment option when advised to do so by Syd Saeed.

This page is intended for all miscellaneous payments, such as discounted readings, Special offers and supplementary payments. The amount is purposely left blank in order  for you to complete using the amount that Syd will advise you of.

Once you have arranged your one to one reading, please do not offer any information to Syd or his team which might offer any information about you, your circumstances or the type of information you are seeking. This will allow Syd to start fresh and not be influenced by any information you may have provided. Before proceeding, please ensure you have read our terms and conditions and our privacy policy.

Proceeding with the payment and subsequent reading will assume that you have read and accept them.

Please Note:

More often than not, Syd will be in the flow of a reading, if your agreed time is due to expire, Syd may continue over the agreed time to complete the reading at no extra cost to yourself. However, Same Day Readings will carry an additional fee in line with the Same Day fee structure of $10 per minute. This will be at the discretion of Syd at the time of reading and will be agreed before the reading continues beyond it’s allotted time

All prices are shown in US dollars

If you use another currency, we have provided  a simple currency converter to help you calculate the exchange rate for your payment.

Paypal will automatically convert this in to your own currency.

Miscellaneous Payments:

Please complete the amount as advised by Syd

Note: All payments are made through Paypal.  You don’t need a paypal account as they accepts all major debit and credits cards. Payments can also be made through your bank, simply follow the on screen advice on the paypal page. If you would like to sign up for a

Paypal account, click here


Once at the payment page, please enter the amount as directed
by Syd Saeed